What is Haywire?

In a grim future the robots have gone haywire. Reach the vault where other survivors hide.

Haywire is a classic platformer with enemies who are a bit too smart.

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Original setting

Haywire is set in a futuristic post-soviet world where socialist-realist architecture blends in with advanced technology. As data zooms, blinks and flashes, the monumental concrete continues to tell the story of the past.

Tough enemies

The robots have gone haywire! They are aggressive and smart and will outwit you if you let your guard down. Your wits are humanity's last hope. Or are they?

Play anywhere

Take the classic platformer experience on the go! Haywire works great on mobile devices, with seamless touch support and optimized graphics. For best results, data connection or Wi-Fi is recommended.



Antoni Korzeniowski

Musician, graphic designer and copywriter-by-trade, Antoni is the person behind the visuals, the music and the sound effects of Haywire. He describes himself as a weird dude that does lots of impressive stuff nobody heard about. In his free time he enjoys being a legend in his own mind.

Staś Małolepszy

Open Web advocate and a proud geek, Staś created the initial concept behind Haywire, which he then pitched to Antoni. He coded the game as well as this very website. By day, Staś tames lions at Mozilla.

He tweets at @stas.

Who are we?

We are two high-school friends who like to play games in our free time (among other things). Haywire is our first game and the first attempt to create an innovative coffee-break-short game. We are based out of Warsaw, Poland.


Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you. Did you like Haywire? Email us at hello /at/ piesku.com or find us on Twitter: @haywiregame.