Super Simple Salad Simulator

It's springtime again, which means one thing: it's time for my favorite salad! The French call it the Russian salad, the Russians call it the Olivier salad, and the Croats and Slovenians call it the French salad. It's called the Italian salad if you're in Denmark, and the potato salad in Czechia and Slovakia. But here in Poland it's known under the simple name of sałatka jarzynowa, the vegetable salad.

Discover the (simplified) recipe and design the process of preparing the ingredients! You can cook them, peel them and cut them into slices, but not all ingredients require all forms of processing. Super Simple Salad Simulator is a sandbox simulation game and a hommage to The Incredible Machine.

You can also use the menu in the top-right corner to control and adjust the parameters of the simulation. Have you ever made a salad in low-gravity environment? Ever made a salad from 10,000 potatoes? Here's you chance to make your dreams finally come true.

Due to the Real Life™️ intervening, the game doesn't have a proper ending. Just try to collect all ingredients into the red bowl. Drag and drop the wooden plans to direct the stream of ingredients, rotate all utensils by scrolling with the mouse wheel over them.

Super Simple Salad Simulator is a submission to Gamedev.js Jam 2022. The theme was Raw. My goal was to make an open-ended playground game where you can experiment with different designs and see how they perform with different settings. I've had the most fun reducing the interval of spawning the ingredients and seeing the screen fill up with thousands of raw and processed food items.

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