We make games we like playing with our friends.

Afterlife (2022)

Where do Pac-Man's ghosts go when they die? They come here — to the ghost town full of life!

Afterlife is a 2D city-building simulation in which you foster a community of ghosts. It's a submission to the js13kGames 2022 jam.

Super Simple Salad Simulator (2022)

Discover the recipe for the tasty springtime treat: the veggy salad! Cut the green peas and cook the apples — or is it the other way around? Experiment to find out!

Super Simple Salad Simulator is a submission to Gamedev.js Jam 2022. The theme was Raw.

You Are The Snooze Button (2022)

The human is asleep. The human set the alarm — but the human doesn’t like being woken up. The human will try to hit the snooze button. YOU are the snooze button. The human will try to hit YOU!

You Are The Snooze Button is a tiny game about waking up. It's a Compo submission to Ludum Dare 50. It was made in under 48 hours.

ESCAPE (2021)

Mankind is evacuating into space! How convenient to first destroy the planet and then just run away without looking back.

ESCAPE is a 2.5D puzzle platformer about wildlife that we leave behind. It's a submission to the js13kGames 2021 jam.

Mirrorisk (2021)

Play the board game classic on a weirdly familiar yet uncomfortable map of the Mirrored Earth. West is East and East is West in this virtual cardboard rendition of the 1957's Risk. The rules have changed, too: the first time a player is eliminated, the game ends immediately. Protect the underdogs before you take the lead!

Mirrorisk was made in 14 days as a submission to Gamedev.js 2021 Jam. The theme of the jam was Mirror.

First Person Santa (2020)

You are Santa Claus and 2020 was a mess for you too. You've got 60 seconds before the night is over and there are still plenty of presents to deliver! Drop them under the Christmas trees and make your way out through the chimney when you're done.

First Person Santa was made in 7 days as a submission to 7dfps 2020 and PROCJAM 2020.

ROAR (2020)

The government has taken baby-zilla away! They hid it somewhere in the city. You have 4 claws on one hand, a mouth that spits fire, and 4 claws on the other hand. It's FOUR-ROAR-FOUR time!

ROAR is a WebXR experience written in vanilla JS for the js13kGames 2020 jam. The theme was: 404.

Oh No! All The Textures Are 404! (2020)

We invite you to an adventure in the world of Nintendo DS, where one day, in the fairytale kingdom of tropical chickens, all textures disappeared.

Oh No! All The Textures Are 404! is a submission to the js13kGames 2020 jam.

Time Is Money™ (2020)

Welcome to Time Is Money™! Your goal is to lead your people into the literal, actual future. Like, literally one second from right now.

Use the time measurement devices on the left to advance the world's clock. Careful though, as each purchase will rewind the clock by the duration equal to the cost.

Time Is Money™ is an incremental game about the passage of time and a submission for the Gamedev.js Jam 2020.

Backcountry (2019)

Kill or be killed in this hack-and-shoot set in the Wild West! Use the mouse or tap the screen to control your avatar, and earn as much gold as you can from the sheriff's bounties.

Backcountry was a submission for the 2019 edition of js13kGames, a gamedev compo in which the total file size limit is 13KB. The theme of the compo was: Back.

HoMM1K (2019)

Capture the dragon roaming your kingdom. Your devout hero is at your service, their armor shining bright in the sun, ready to do your bidding. Plan your moves carefully and try to corner the beast.

HoMM1K is a homage to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and a submission for JS1K 2019. The entire game fits into 1 kilobyte of JavaScript.

LOGOUT (2018)

In 2018, people live their lives in virtual reality. Most never leave the community clusters assigned to them at birth. A handful of lucky ones migrate to premium clusters which boast 100% uptime.

You are not one of the lucky ones.

The community VR cluster you've spent your life in has had a critical failure. The reboot has reset the entire world. Find the exit and log out into the reality.

LOGOUT was a submission for the 2018 edition of js13kGames, a gamedev compo in which the total file size limit is 13kB. The theme of the compo was: Offline. The game placed 13th.

Run Ron Run (2018)

The runners compete for your attention, but everyone's a winner when you're in charge! Help all characters reach the bottom of the screen. The more runners finish the race, the merrier!

Run Ron Run was a submission for the Slavic Game Jam in 2018. The theme of the jam was: Competition.

Blocks with Attitude (WIP)

Blocks with Attitude is a 2d shape matching party game.

Each Block has a different, hand-drawn personality, brought to life by classic animation techniques. The Blocks respond to player input with giggles, groans, hums, burps, coughs and pants, while relaxing music plays in the background.

Blocks with Attitude is designed to be played with friends. To clear each level you must collaborate by communicating verbally and non-verbally. The game takes place on the screen and in the room where the players are playing.

A moment lost in time (2017)

A serene and minimalist search for a long lost memory.

A moment lost in time is a perspective-based puzzle game. The goal of the game is to memorize an image of the landscape and then find the position from which it was taken.

A moment lost in time was a submission for the 2017 edition of js13kGames, a gamedev compo in which the total file size limit is 13kB. The theme of the compo was: Lost. The game placed 6th.

Starsky & Bluff (2017)

Plan your moves ahead in this local multiplayer racing game. Before the race starts, choose the path your car will follow. Watch the physics-based havoc wreaked on the track as all cars race towards the finish line according to their pre-programmed inputs.

The players choose the behavior of their '70s-styled automobiles for each segment of the track. When the inputs have been recorded, the race plays back in real time.

Starsky & Bluff was a submission for Slavic Game Jam in 2017. The theme of the jam was Unknown. The game won the Top Kek award for the funniest game of the competition.

Shape Ronin (2017)

Shape Ronin is a browser-based four-player game about matching shapes. Players play as Tetris-block-shaped ronins who race against time in order to fit through a hole in a wall.

Shape Ronin was a submission for the Gamedev.js Game Jam. The jam was only 8 hours and the theme was Obstacles. The game placed second.

Ball So Simple (2015)

Ball So Simple is a game made in under 48 hours at the Slavic Game Jam in 2015. The theme of the jam was Just Do It!.

Ball So Simple is a simple arcade game with uncomplicated mechanics: just catch all the balls and save them from falling on the spikes. The task is made harder by pop-ups and ads which start creeping on the player slowly until they make it impossible to continue the gameplay.

This is a game about your everyday web experience and about living in the age of distraction and lack of privacy. You came to play an arcade game. You end up killing pop-ups and trying to focus on more than one thing at a time.

Haywire (2013)

In a grim future the robots have gone haywire. Reach the vault where other survivors hide.

Haywire is a classic platformer with enemies who are a bit too smart.